Snow Leopard
Tech Challenge

Global startup competition organized by Irbis Ventures, a digital venture builder headquartered in Singapore and Mongolia.

The Grand Finale 2019

We brought together angel investors and asset managers, successful entrepreneurs and Irbis Ventures’ first five portfolio startups. These up-and-coming startups were selected by Irbis Ventures partners via Irbis Explorer, the firm’s proprietary online startup sourcing and assessment platform. In addition to conventional startup due diligence methods, Irbis Ventures used unique techniques tailored for frontier market startups, including peer review.

Before arriving at the final destination of the Grand Finale, each of the five finalists of 2019 SLTC had already secured US$20,000 investment from Irbis Ventures. Each contender arrived in the Gobi Desert with the sole purpose of winning the Grand Finale. The winner was awarded an additional prize of US$20,000.

Grand Finale Winner

The world’s largest cooking class platform, that offers 1,500+ classes across 150 destinations in over 35 countries.

Why you should attend?


Attractive pool of prizes. An opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia in front of Asia’s top asset managers, investors and corporations.

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Asset Managers:

Be a part of an exotic event in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia where you will meet different, well vetted Asian startups, and network with other local and international investors. By attending this event, you will also help protecting the endangered snow leopards in Mongolia and beyond.

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Prize Pool

The top contenders of 2019 SLTC will get access to:

The top contenders of 2019 SLTC will get access to:

Top 10
Top 5

Cash reward of US$20,000  

Simple agreement for future equity note for US$20,000

Ticket & accommodation for Grand Finale in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Funding opportunities via IRBIS Explorer

Invitation to participate in IRBIS Oasis

Invitation to participate in the 2019 Mongolian Startup Showcase in Malaysia, Singapore

Phases of
Snow Leopard Tech Challenge

Receipt of applications via Irbis Oasis
IRBIS to match applicants based on
competitive scoring and pre-assigned parameters via Irbis Oasis
Applicants to review the maximum of three other applicants to
pre-qualify TOP 100 STARTUPS
Review and selection of TOP 5 STARTUPS by IRBIS Partners' investment Committee via Irbis Oasis
Grand Finale: Pitch Contest among TOP 5 STARTUPS, followed by scoring by all attendees on the spot via Irbis Oasis
Grand Finale: Consolidation of scoring and announcement of WINNER OF SNOW LEOPARD TECH CHALLENGE 2019