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About Us

Irbis Ventures Pte. Ltd. was created to support startups in Asia and beyond. At this moment, many of you must be asking: Why would anyone start such an endeavour? Why do we need your support? The answer is simple. We believe that talent to create great businesses exists everywhere but support structure to nurture and grow is nascent inside most developing countries.

We are better positioned to listen to your stories and truly understand your passion, vision and pain points. We let you do what you do best, while helping you in areas that accelerate your growth. Our team comprises of entrepreneurs, investors, professional consultants and industry experts. Over the last decade, we have collectively founded dozens of startups. Some of them were successful while others less so. Regardless, we have learnt valuable lessons and are now fully committed to helping the next generation of startups navigate the path to success. 

Management Team

Tsengel Chimeddorj

Chief Executive Officer

Delgernaran Bayar

Chief Operating Officer

Gunbiligt Bayasgalan

Head of Mongolia Expansion

Nomin Gan-Od

Chief Administrative Officer

Startup Coaches & Mentors

Anar Chinbaatar

IRBIS Founder & Startup Coach

Maizorig Janchivdorj

IRBIS Founder & Startup Coach

Boldbaatar Ochirsuren

IRBIS Founder & Startup Coach

Allen Vincent

IRBIS Board Adviser & Startup Coach

Zheng Wei Quah

Startup Coach &
Co-Founder at Accredify

Oko Davaasuren

IRBIS Cohort Program Director &
Founder of StartMN Pte. Ltd.

Clinton Swan

Startup Coach & Business
Development Expert

Sidney Yuen

Executive Leadership & Investor

Fiona Kwok

Startup Coach &
Investor Relations Expert

Otgonbayar Uuye Photo
Otgonbayar Uuye

Startup Coach & Head of AI,
AND Global Pte. Ltd.

Olivier Cotard

Managing Director at 3C Ventures

Derrick Lee

Startup Coach &
Co-Founder at Accredify

Joshua Galloway

Senior VP at Plutus VC

Diana Kam

Venture Partner, Angel Investor, EAM, Mentor at Wework Labs/SOSV China Accelerator & Global Corporate Executive.

Khos-Erdene Baatarkhuu photo
Khos-Erdene Baatarkhuu

Startup Coach &
CIO at And Global Pte. Ltd.

Shaun Photo
Shaun Cheetham

Startup Coach &
Co-Founder at Accredify

Stephen Browne

COO & Co-Founder at Sors Digital Assets

Hayk Hakobyan

Partner at, Advisor at, Entrepreneur

Georgina Chang

Communication & Marketing Specialist, Presentation Coach

Edmund Chew

Startup Coach &
Co-Founder at Accredify